Prices - Makarska harbour

1 sat / hour 110,00 euro
2 sata / hours 160,00 euro
4 sata / hours 220,00 euro
9 sati / hours 300,00 euro
Boat for 10 persons,10hp Yamaha engine with 30 liters of fuel, 4 hours 125 euro fuel included,depostit required Boat for 10 persons,10hp Yamaha engine with 30 liters of fuel, 9 hours 180 euro fuel included,deposit required

Deposit: 500 EUR

Jet skis are rented with a full tank of fuel and must be returned with a full tank of fuel


Prices - Cvitacka beach

jet ski - 10 min 35,00 euro
jet ski - 15 min 40,00 euro
jet ski - 20 min 50,00 euro
jet ski - 30 min 70,00 euro
NEW! Flyboard - 15 min 80,00 euro
SUP BOARD 1 (1 osoba) – 1 sat 15,00 euro
SUP BOARD 1 (1 osoba) – 1 dan 50,00 euro
SUP BOARD 2 (2 osobe) – 1 sat 20,00 euro
SUP BOARD 2 (2 osobe) – 1 dan 80,00 euro
SUP BOARD MAXI (8 osoba) – 1 sat 35,00 euro
SUP BOARD MAXI (8 osoba) – 1 dan 100,00 euro
SUPER JET – 15 min 40,00 euro
SUPER JET – 30 min 75,00 euro

Fuel is included in the price.

Terms apply for daily rentals in Makarska harbour

Rental price

The rental price covers the use of fully-equipped vessels, basic boat insurance and personal crew insurance. The rental price does not cover the costs of fuel and other supplies, skipper fees and other special expenses, the cost of marinas and berths during the use of the vessel.



Before taking over the vessel, the lessee leaves the owner a deposit of 500 €. The plow will be fully returned to the lessee if the vessel is returned at an agreed time, undamaged and neat, with full fuel tank.


Obligations and responsibilities of the lessee

The Lessee undertakes to sail in Croatian Territorial Waters and will not rent or lend a vessel to any other person. In addition, it is obligated to use the vessel only in weather conditions that guarantee the safety of boats and crews.
When the lessee does not intend to use the skipper, he declares that he has all the necessary permits for the management of the chartered vessel, valid and in accordance with the applicable legal norms of the Republic of Croatia.
In case of non-compliance with the legal norms of the Republic of Croatia, the lessee is obliged to pay all the penalties imposed on him by the competent authority of Croatia (driving without permission, speeding near the coast, etc.)
In the case of damage caused by guilt and / or negligence of the lessee for which the owner of the vessel is responsible to third parties and not covered by the insurance, the lessee is obliged to reimburse all material and other costs to the owner. The charterer is especially responsible for seizure of vessels due to illegal activities.
In the event of an accident or incident, the lessee is obliged to record the course of the event or request a written confirmation from the Port Authority, physicians or other authorized persons. The Lessee shall immediately notify the owner of such events. In the event of ship's disappearance, inability to sail, seagoing vessels or prohibitions of navigation, imposed by authorities or other persons, the lessee shall immediately notify the owner of the vessel.


The owner of the vessel will compensate for the damage caused by the accidental or negligent leaseholder. When the height of damage or damage exceeds the height of the deposit, the lessee is also liable to pay the difference up to the full amount of damage or malfunction. When the damage or malfunction is caused by the obvious negligence or unwantedness of the lessee, or are caused intentionally, the lessee is obliged to cover the shipowner with all possible costs that may arise from them.
The charterer undertakes not to navigate in insufficiently-known zones according to the nautical charts he owns, without prior study of the nautical charts of a particular zone. In addition it is obligated not to sail at night.
The Lessee undertakes not to leave the harbor or berth if the wind force exceeds 30 knots or meteorological forecasts announce such a wind if the Harbor Commander has banned the cruise, or if a failure has not been repaired on any vital part of the boat as the engine, pumps, safety equipment, etc. The owner will not leave the harbor or berth without sufficient fuel and when the weather conditions, or the condition of the vessel or crew are unsafe.
In the event of non-compliance with the abovementioned obligations, the lessee is personally liable to the owner of the vessel and will accept the consequences. The Lessee is liable for violation of the standard of navigation and other norms and after the expiry of the charter period.


Takeover and return of the vessel

The charterer must keep the documents of the vessel, which he received when taking the boat, until the end of the charter. The owner is obliged to give the charter sailor ready for navigation and fully equipped with a full fuel tank. Prior to commencing the use of the rental service, the lessee is obliged to control the general condition of the vessel.
When the charterer does not return the vessel to the designated port in time, he agrees to pay damages to the vessel owner, including any damages and expenses that the owner would have had due to the delayed return of the vessel. Loss may be justified by force only if the Lessee has informed the lessor.
Costs due to loss and damage to equipment and parts of the vessel, caused by the negligence of the lessee and his crew, are at the expense of the lessee. The owner of the boat will charge the damage from the deposit placed before departure.
If the lessee returns a vessel with an empty fuel tank, the owner will fill the fuel tank and charge the fuel for the lessor.


The boat and driver are insured against liability for damages caused to a third party. Any damages and / or losses covered by the insurance must be reported to the owner immediately upon their release.

Dispute resolution

The Lessee and the Owner shall jointly agree to resolve all possible disputes and disputes that may arise during the performance of this Agreement.


Otherwise, disputes and disputes will be left to the competent court in Makarska.